IDHS Cash, Food Stamp, and Medical Assistance Manual

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Author: Illinois Department of Human Services
Last updated: August 2007

Illinois Department of Human Services Policy Manual, Workers' Action Guide & Policy Memoranda

Policy for the Cash, Food Stamp (FS), and Medical assistance programs for Illinois residents are found in the Policy Manual (PM) and Official Policy Memoranda. A Policy Memorandum is issued if there is insufficient time to prepare a Manual Release before a change in policy becomes effective. The memorandum is obsolete when the Manual Release puts the policy in the Policy Manual.

Workers' Action Guide (WAG) contains the procedures which tell how to implement policy. 

Acronyms & Abbreviations lists acronyms and abbreviations used in the Policy Manual (PM) and Workers' Action Guide (WAG) and identifies what they stand for.

Glossary provides terms and their definitions that have a unique meaning for the Cash, FS, and Medical programs.

Index provides a list of  PM and WAG subjects and identifies where they can be found in the text of the manual pages.

Official Memoranda contains all active Information, Action, and Policy Memoranda.

Manual Releases is a list of the most recent documents added to the manual library.

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