Building the House - Supportive Services in Permanent Housing

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Sponsors: Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness
Illinois Legal Aid Online
Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Time: All Day
Location: Chicago Continuum of Care
1111 N. Wells, Leslie Hall
Chicago, IL
Speakers: Natalie Hutchinson, Lakefront Supportive Housing
Ann Bihrle, Lakefront Supportive Housing

Chicago Continuum of Care

The Chicago Continuum of Care is proud to host the fourth series of low-cost, substantive workshops to help Chicago’s homeless service providers develop the techniques necessary to implement the 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness. These workshops have been designed specifically for providers who are interested in developing permanent housing programs and would like to gain knowledge and tools from experts in the field.

No permanent housing provider working with people who are homeless would be successful without effective supportive services for its clients. Learn about developing a program with the necessary supportive services to help clients successfully maintain their permanent housing.

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